Top 5 Things to Nail Down to Get Abs

Ask anyone what body part they wish they could change or alter. 99.9% will tell you their midsection or abs. Abs are extremely desirable. With them being so desirable, there is tons of bullshit surrounding the process of getting abs because everyone wants that quick fix. Everyone wants to find that next miracle training program or diet. It just doesn’t exist, folks. The magic potions, pills, powders, body wraps, and infomercial “ab blasters” routines just don’t work in the long run.

The lack of proper information and overwhelming amount of misinformation is extremely misleading and confusing to most. I have personally fallen into the traps and gimmicks at some point and time in my life and I wish I knew now what I didn’t know then. I learned from the mistakes, but it was a waste of time and energy I could have been putting towards other fitness endeavors. My goal for this blog post is to properly inform you about what ACTUALLY works in the long term.

Getting abs, contrary to popular belief, is extremely simple. With that said, there is no “quick solution” to your long term problem. It takes time and dedication, but the process is unbelievably simple.

1) Reducing bodyfat percentage

Everyone has abs believe it not. Some just have some extra “cushion” in front and around them. Visible abs are as simple as lowering your body fat to a desirable percentage. For women, anywhere from 12-18% is desirable. 12% being EXTREMELY lean. For men, anywhere from 6-10% is desirable. 6% being EXTREMELY lean. The lower ranges of these body fat percentages are not sustainable or good for your health, though. Anywhere in the middle of those numbers you will see your abs. You reduce your body fat percentage primarily by reducing the calories you eat. Refer to #2 below.

2) Caloric intake

I don’t care if you eat nothing but chicken and broccoli 6 times a day. If your calories are too high, you will not lose body fat and reveal your abs. I’m not saying to weigh every single drop of food on a food scale, but I am saying to monitor and have an overall idea of what you are eating on a daily basis in terms of calories. To reveal those abs, you have to lose body-fat. To lose body-fat, you have to decrease your caloric intake to be at a caloric deficit. Simply put, eat less than your body needs and you will lose body-fat. Depending on how severe you reduce your calories will dictate how fast the weight comes off. However, “starvation” type diets don’t work long term and calories should be reduced gradually. Fad dieting works, but not for the reason you think. Enjoy the foods you love and monitor caloric intake, it’s really that simple.

3) High protein consumption

No, high protein diets do not overload your kidneys or give you colon cancer or heart disease. High protein diets are extremely healthy and beneficial when it comes to losing body-fat. High protein consumption is associated with satiety (feeling full) and is extremely important when dieting on a calorie reduced diet. The fuller you feel, the less you eat. Also, high protein consumption ensures your body retains, or at least minimizes muscle loss. Sure, we can all lose weight, but we don’t want to lose hard earned muscle and have the “skinny fat” look. How much protein? 1 gram/lb of what you weigh. For instance, if you weigh 165, you need 165 grams of protein a day to ensure your body isn’t catabolizing it’s own muscle tissue.

4) Veggies. Really, veggies?

How many times have you heard “eat your veggies”? Well, thank whoever told you this because they are right. The health benefits of veggies are numerous and everyone knows veggies are good for you, but probably not the reason you are thinking. Unfortunately, veggies don’t make us lean or make our abs pop out. That’s not how it works or why you should eat veggies. You should eat veggies because they are extremely satiating and fiber rich. Sateity + fiber rich content = fuller longer. Fuller longer = less calories eaten (majority of the time). Also, veggies are high in micronutrients which ensures your body is getting everything it needs in a state of caloric distress. The fiber content also allows your body to stay regular and digest the food you are eating.

5) Exercise

Obviously, I couldn’t leave exercise out of my top 5. However, it’s probably not the type of exercise you are thinking. No, it’s not some infomercial “ab shredder” program. No, it’s not me telling you to do 1000 crunches and sit-ups a day. No, it’s not some fancy machine that “makes your abs pop”. Listen, that’s all bullshit. The REAL workout approach that works is to lift moderate to heavy weight and allow more recovery time between sessions due to you being low on calories. Your body needs a stimulus as well as recovery time. Anywhere from 6-12 reps is fine. Lifting weights while dieting to get abs is ESSENTIAL. ESSENTIAL. Why? Simply put, when you train in such a manner (lifting heavy weights) you ensure that you are preserving your muscle mass while dieting. High reps aren’t necessary, don’t believe the “high reps equal tone” bullcrap. It’s simply not true. Also, in addition to lifting heavy (I advise 3-4 days/week), 30-45 minutes of cardio on off days is a good idea. Not absolutely necessary, but a good idea. Cardio will aid in your fat loss goals.

There are many “programs” out there that promise you results. All I am saying is don’t buy into the marketed BS. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Especially in the fitness industry. Follow these 5 keys above and you will surely be on your way to six pack abs. It takes time and dedication, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. You just have to be willing to put in the time and sacrifice it takes to get to where you want to go.

Takeaways – Key Points

  • Reducing bodyfat is the only way to get visible abs. No one exercise or food is going to give you abs. It’s a combination of things.
  • Reducing caloric intake is the only way to lose bodyfat. If you eat more food than you expend, regardless of food selection, you will not lose weight. Can you lose weight eating nothing but junk? Yes, but keep in mind your overall health is what’s most important
  • High protein consumption keeps you fuller longer and preserves your lean body mass while your losing fat. Win, win.
  • Veggies ensure proper digestion, sufficient vitamins and mineral intake, and are very filling. Veggies are good for you in every spectrum. EAT YOUR VEGGIES.
  • Exercise accelerates fat loss, given that your diet is on point. Exercise increases your metabolism, preserves muscle mass, and improves the way your body uses the nutrients you are feeding it. Lift heavy weights. “High rep = more tone” is a myth. LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS.

This is how 5 things can help you to nail down to get abs.

Top 10 Most Effective Ab Exercises

People wonder whether it is really necessary to do ab exercises. Ab exercises are very important to make a person look defined. If a person doesn’t indulge in ab exercises, it makes him look big and bulky and spoils his personality. Information on a number of ab exercises is available in the newspaper, magazines, e-books, internet etc. One can derive great benefits by effectively performing ab exercises.

Bicycle Crunch

This is one of the best and effective ab exercises. You should lie down on the mat or floor and move both your legs, as if you are pedaling a cycle. You need to support your head by lacing your hands behind your head. During the pedaling action, contract your abs.

Long Arm Crunch

This is a traditional exercise. You need to lie down on the floor to do this exercise. Straighten your hands above your head. Bend the knees at 45 degrees angle. Raise the shoulder along with the hands and squeeze the abs in. Hold till you can without any stress and resume back to the starting position.

Vertical Leg Crunch

This exercise is similar to the previous exercise except that you need to lift your legs and keep them steady while you carry out the workout. Your knees can be slightly bent while doing the exercise.

Exercise Ball

Exercise ball is a great way to do ab workout. Balance and support your body on the exercise ball such that the ball is under your back. Put your hands behind your head to give it a good support. Contract your body inward by squeezing in the abs. Release and resume to the starting position till you can hold the abs. Make sure that you don’t fall off the ball while doing the workout. Exercising on a ball is very effective as it targets even the tiny muscles in the abdomen.


Plank exercise is very beneficial for the abs. Sleep on the floor by keeping your arms and toes on the floor. Slowly lift the body weight by supporting your entire body using the arms. Tuck the abs in. The whole body must be in a straight line. Hold for few minutes and repeat the desired number of times.

Hanging Knee Raise

You need a bar to perform this exercise. Hold the bar with your hands and hang on it. Bring the knees close to the chest while squeezing in the abs. Hold for few seconds and bring the legs down to the starting position.

Ab Roller

People would have seen this exercise equipment in the gym. Exercising in this equipment is similar to that of crunches except that it is useful for people who feel strain in their neck while doing crunches. You need to squeeze in the abs while doing the crunches in the ab equipment.

Weak abs signifies bad health. One should workout to improve the overall fitness of the body. Ab workouts are necessary not only to lose belly fat but to have a stunning figure and good health. When you start seeing results, you would love working out on your abs.

The Truth About Getting Flat Abs

Are you doing belly crunches for many years? Despite all the hard work you still fall short in getting flat ab on your stomach? Contrary to fact, there are many people who have a notion that only through regular abs exercise they can attain the most toned belly.

Despite performing the best ab exercises, when they do not attain their desired, they start wondering whether there is anything wrong with their ongoing fitness program. However, the truth can be that, body of such people lacks in the natural build-up for having the visible abs. Moreover, you also need to understand there is no exercise meant for specific area. You have to indulge in overall body fitness program, even if you are just targeting the abs muscles.

Truth About Ab Enhancing Products

Moreover, to feed your belief many fitness magazines and fitness product manufacturing companies time and again, just to promote their product publish misleading( false, infect) advertisement claiming how the usage of their product can reduce your belly fat in no time. Never ever fall a prey to such false temptation!

Just Crunches Are Not Enough

Crunches can only tone your ab muscles. Crunches can never reduce your belly fat do understand it quite well. So if you are just keep doing crunches and still wondering for not achieving the desired, then it’s time to introduce your body with the other exercising forms which include, skipping, jogging and cycling. These exercises are just not an option but an indispensible part of abs building program.

The Essentials of Abs Building

First of all thoroughly analyze the minimum requirement of body fat to attain the visible abs, and then ponder over the mechanism through which you can lower down body fat up to the required level, with your current life style. However, despite the strenuous exercise and balanced diet many a times you cannot get the best visible abs, owing to natural buildup of body. But, this does not mean that you should give up on your fitness program and start gulping unhealthy food. In such case, you need to shift your goal post and work toward gaining a fit body rather just building abs.

Age Matters

Ageing is a natural process. As we grow older our metabolism also tends to slow. The simple reason behind this is, the calorie consumption remains the same, but the fat burning activities slash drastically. Owing to which extra fat get accumulated in various portions of our body, but mainly in the region of lower abdomen. Moreover, after crossing your 25th birthday your body tends to become lose naturally. By the time you will hit 30 you can grow a pot-belly, if you will encourage a dilly-dally attitude towards regular exercise. It is quite a herculean task to reduce your belly when you are in the age bracket of 30 plus.

At last, always set your goals towards achieving a healthier body rather than building a showoff medium. Do not get into the nitty grittes of your body too deeply. Once you have made your mind to flat your abs, then also ponder over the reason for getting visible abs-pack. Do justify your answer with the need, and then only proceed.

The Flex Belt Review and $35 Coupon

Every individual at some point of time or other in their lives would want to have a perfect body with well toned and flat abs. The more than perfect abs and bodies that you seen in television advertisements are mostly achieved as the result of dedication and hard work, which includes good dieting habits, regular exercise and healthy lifestyles. But in this modern and fast paced world, where people are so busy with their life and jobs, there is no time to think about diet and exercise. The good news for these people is that they can work on their abs and get a toned stomach with the help of flex belt. This is a very simple exercise belt that has actually received clearance from the FDA. It is an electronically operated device that gives a complete workout to all the abdomen muscles and gives you amazing results within a few weeks.

How To Use The Flex Belt

Using this device is very simple. You simply strap it around your waist and fasten it with Velcro. The belt has three medical graded gel pads attached to it. It is through these gel pads that the electric signals pass to the nerves of your abdomen. So when wearing the flex belt, make sure that the gel pads are in contact with your stomach. When you turn on the device, it starts vibrating, providing a workout to your abdominal area. The intensity of the vibrations can be adjusted with the help of a rechargeable power controller that is also included in the kit. Your muscles get toned faster as the intensity level increases.

How Does The Flex Belt Work

The working of this device is based on the EMS or Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology. Small electric signals are passed through the gel pads attached to the belt to the nerves of your abdomen. These signals cause the muscles to contract and relax continuously, thus providing an effective workout to all the abdomen muscles. The best part about this process is that you don’t have to put in any effort or work hard to achieve the expected results. This is one of the most convenient workout devices that can be used while you are doing your daily chores or even while watching TV.

Benefits Of Flex Belt

  • Helps you get a toned and flat stomach without having to do laborious exercises
  • It is approved by the FDA and is absolutely safe to use
  • Regular use ensures that you get fast results within a month or so
  • Anybody who wants to have a toned stomach can use this product


The flex belt should be seen only as a device that will help tone your abs muscles. It is not a weight loss device and so expecting it to help you lose fat will only make you disappointed. The best way to lose your tummy fat is by following a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Once you have gotten rid of the abdominal fat, you can go ahead and use the flex belt to get a toned abs or six packs.

How to Perform Lower Ab Workouts to Get Ripped Abs

Having a flat and visually appealing abs is like are burning desires that never get extinguished as the need of good health as well as looks continue. However, achieving this goal is not a child’s play, as there are many ab muscles that you must concentrate on, while exercising. One of them is the group of lower ab muscles. Locating and performing an ideal lower ab workout is certainly not easy.

Lower ab exercises usually include lifting your legs to put pressure on the lower ab muscles, which is actually the most effective task, provided you perform it in a proper way. Otherwise, with such movements, the chances of hip pain and lower back pain are always high. However, you must know that targeting the lower abs will not give you the bliss of fat loss in that area. In fact, you will have to lose fat from all over the body to shed fat in your lower abs area. So, to lose more fat performing only the best lower ab exercise regularly will not suffice, as you will need to combine it with strength training, interval training, and a good diet.

The six-pack abs of your dream is achievable if you focus more on the lower abs to make them tight and toned. Because the lower ab area is the most difficult to target, people get more attracted to the ‘easy wrongdoings’ instead of ‘hard but right methods’. So, here are some tips to perform the lower ab workouts in the right way for achieving the goal of ripped abs.

Exercises Must Be Performed in Slow Motion and with Control

You must know that training your abs is not same as training the muscles of other areas. So, you can take a little rest in between, and you must exercise slowly with good control. Performing any workout in hurry or swiftly just takes you far from what the experts suggest. Any lower ab exercise performed in a hurry reduces the overall effectiveness; engages other muscles that should not be targeted thereby lowering the control over muscles as well as triggers back pain.

Workout in Alignment with the Functioning of Lower Abs

Did you know that the lower abs muscles are stabilizers? Well, this means that to make you stand or sit straight or at any angle, they give an active support with low force for a lengthy duration. Keeping this behavior in mind, it is vital that the low ab exercises must also train them in the same manner. This means that a low number of exact repetitions of an exercise must be followed by more reps of the same exercise or practicing another exercise that is easier when you want to step further by choosing a harder workout.

Quality Needs to Win Over Quantity

For lower abs, the thumb rule is that the more controlled and slower the exercise is; the more effective and fast will be the results. So, it is immaterial whether you perform 100 repetitions of the most difficult exercise. However, what matters is targeting the right muscles and impeding other muscles that make the exercise easier.

Keep Breathing

It is vitally important to breathe while exercising, especially you must inhale while stretching and relaxing the muscles and exhale while contracting or crunching them.

How to Get Ripped Abs Through Strength Training

Strength training, as the term implies is all about building stronger muscles and a toned physique. Concentrating on strength training for the core muscles can provide you ripped abdomen. Strength training is no longer meant only for body builders or those who want big bulging muscles. It has become relevant for all of us who want a fitter, leaner and toned body.

Getting Ripped Abs

A flat ab is a dream or goal for almost everyone irrespective of gender. A flat or washboard stomach can be the appealing factor of a great looking body. Ripped abs or those well-defined muscular stomachs can be achieved with some well-planned workout routines where there is adequate focus on strength training as well.

  • Strength training can be added on to every normal routine that you are doing. For instance, if you have been doing leg lifts, then add on ankle weights to make it slightly more difficult to do.
  • Interval training is a great way to get those ripped abs and instead of running on flat surfaces, run uphill. If you do not have a hill nearby to run up over then incline the treadmill so that you get the same effect.
  • Another great exercise that you can do is burpees where you kick out your legs to the side and bring them together again. While doing so, you can tie on some ankle weights too.
  • A simple (and yet slightly difficult!) thing to do is to maintain a slightly tucked in stomach position throughout the day. It sounds extremely simple to do when you try doing it for one full day you will see your stomach muscles paining but you will also get that ripped abs.
  • Traditional weight training exercises work on ab muscles constantly. So while doing bench presses, dead lifts and lunges or squats, concentrate on what your ab muscles are going through and you will see that they are being worked out too. It is important to do these exercises smoothly and without dropping your legs or arms or weights. Let the muscles do the lifting and lowering.
  • Strength training is also great for enhancing metabolism rates which means better fat burning capabilities that translates into ripped abs.
  • The best strength training exercises for ripped abs will be the ones that have compound movements. These are better than isolation movements.
  • It is also good to add free weights, rubber bands and resistance or weight machines to almost any routine you do in the gym to up the strength training quotient. Some of the exercises that you can do are the one arm dumbbell snatch and the barbell squats. If you are doing this for the first time, it is highly recommended to do it under the guidance of a fitness instructor who knows how to guide and protect you from any form of muscle injury. Barbell squats will place stress on your abs and thighs and progressive increase in the weight level can help you get well defined muscles. Similarly, doing a dumbbell snatch also should be done under a fitness training instructor.

All strength training movements should be done fluidly. This is vital to prevent muscle pulls and tears.

How EMS Can Help to Tone Your Core Muscles

EMS or electric muscle stimulation works by generating tiny electric impulses and sending them to the skin. This makes the muscles under the skin to contract. Their primary use was in the physical therapy department in hospitals but they have now found their way into the commercial fitness segments as well. The question is – do these EMS machines or devices work in toning core muscles?

How Does EMS Work?

The role of electronic muscles stimulator was first discovered way back in 1791 when it was found that they can make muscles contract. The biggest application of this concept then applied on the bed ridden patients in hospitals and people with skeletal or nervous system damage. Applying an EMS helped in preventing loss of muscle mass.

There are plenty of ab belts out there and it is recommended to choose one from proven and tested companies. The belt is strapped on around one’s midriff. Most of them come with gel pads fitted with electrodes. These gel pads have to be placed on specific locations on the stomach or core region and then strapped around with the belt. Once the battery operated device starts functioning, tiny electric impulses get transmitted through the gel pads to the stomach muscles.

Using the EMS

An EMS can be applied for toning up core muscles as well. The key word here really is ‘help’. Using such devices can be a great addition to one’s fitness routine and by supplementing this device to one’s fitness routine, core muscles can be toned up effectively. Using such a device for core muscles can be extremely effective when combined with a regular workout routine, healthy and balanced diet and a balanced lifestyle too.

The EMS does work since its primary function is to get muscles to rejuvenate themselves and continue to function. The electric impulses thus stimulate them and bring them back to functional mode. Thus along with working out to reduce the inches and strengthen the core muscles, the EMS belt can also help in toning up the area. It is recommended to buy a certified machine. For instance, in the USA, the FDA governs the sale of such EMS devices. So buying an FDA approved product will certify it safe for use without the danger of burns and short circuits.

Such a system of muscle toning works best for people who cannot do the traditional exercises for losing tummy fat or core strengthening. For instance, if one has a back problem or a shoulder problem, then crunches, leg lifts and leg reverse crunches are effectively ruled out. Here an EMS can be used to a large extent.

A lot of athletes and professional sports people do rely on such EMS devices not just for their core muscles but for muscles in other parts of the body like legs and arms. Thus the efficacy of such a machine is not in doubt. However, it is certainly better to incorporatethe use of this EMS into the fitness regime that one follows.