How EMS Can Help to Tone Your Core Muscles

EMS or electric muscle stimulation works by generating tiny electric impulses and sending them to the skin. This makes the muscles under the skin to contract. Their primary use was in the physical therapy department in hospitals but they have now found their way into the commercial fitness segments as well. The question is – do these EMS machines or devices work in toning core muscles?

How Does EMS Work?

The role of electronic muscles stimulator was first discovered way back in 1791 when it was found that they can make muscles contract. The biggest application of this concept then applied on the bed ridden patients in hospitals and people with skeletal or nervous system damage. Applying an EMS helped in preventing loss of muscle mass.

There are plenty of ab belts out there and it is recommended to choose one from proven and tested companies. The belt is strapped on around one’s midriff. Most of them come with gel pads fitted with electrodes. These gel pads have to be placed on specific locations on the stomach or core region and then strapped around with the belt. Once the battery operated device starts functioning, tiny electric impulses get transmitted through the gel pads to the stomach muscles.

Using the EMS

An EMS can be applied for toning up core muscles as well. The key word here really is ‘help’. Using such devices can be a great addition to one’s fitness routine and by supplementing this device to one’s fitness routine, core muscles can be toned up effectively. Using such a device for core muscles can be extremely effective when combined with a regular workout routine, healthy and balanced diet and a balanced lifestyle too.

The EMS does work since its primary function is to get muscles to rejuvenate themselves and continue to function. The electric impulses thus stimulate them and bring them back to functional mode. Thus along with working out to reduce the inches and strengthen the core muscles, the EMS belt can also help in toning up the area. It is recommended to buy a certified machine. For instance, in the USA, the FDA governs the sale of such EMS devices. So buying an FDA approved product will certify it safe for use without the danger of burns and short circuits.

Such a system of muscle toning works best for people who cannot do the traditional exercises for losing tummy fat or core strengthening. For instance, if one has a back problem or a shoulder problem, then crunches, leg lifts and leg reverse crunches are effectively ruled out. Here an EMS can be used to a large extent.

A lot of athletes and professional sports people do rely on such EMS devices not just for their core muscles but for muscles in other parts of the body like legs and arms. Thus the efficacy of such a machine is not in doubt. However, it is certainly better to incorporatethe use of this EMS into the fitness regime that one follows.

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