How to Get Ripped Abs Through Strength Training

Strength training, as the term implies is all about building stronger muscles and a toned physique. Concentrating on strength training for the core muscles can provide you ripped abdomen. Strength training is no longer meant only for body builders or those who want big bulging muscles. It has become relevant for all of us who want a fitter, leaner and toned body.

Getting Ripped Abs

A flat ab is a dream or goal for almost everyone irrespective of gender. A flat or washboard stomach can be the appealing factor of a great looking body. Ripped abs or those well-defined muscular stomachs can be achieved with some well-planned workout routines where there is adequate focus on strength training as well.

  • Strength training can be added on to every normal routine that you are doing. For instance, if you have been doing leg lifts, then add on ankle weights to make it slightly more difficult to do.
  • Interval training is a great way to get those ripped abs and instead of running on flat surfaces, run uphill. If you do not have a hill nearby to run up over then incline the treadmill so that you get the same effect.
  • Another great exercise that you can do is burpees where you kick out your legs to the side and bring them together again. While doing so, you can tie on some ankle weights too.
  • A simple (and yet slightly difficult!) thing to do is to maintain a slightly tucked in stomach position throughout the day. It sounds extremely simple to do when you try doing it for one full day you will see your stomach muscles paining but you will also get that ripped abs.
  • Traditional weight training exercises work on ab muscles constantly. So while doing bench presses, dead lifts and lunges or squats, concentrate on what your ab muscles are going through and you will see that they are being worked out too. It is important to do these exercises smoothly and without dropping your legs or arms or weights. Let the muscles do the lifting and lowering.
  • Strength training is also great for enhancing metabolism rates which means better fat burning capabilities that translates into ripped abs.
  • The best strength training exercises for ripped abs will be the ones that have compound movements. These are better than isolation movements.
  • It is also good to add free weights, rubber bands and resistance or weight machines to almost any routine you do in the gym to up the strength training quotient. Some of the exercises that you can do are the one arm dumbbell snatch and the barbell squats. If you are doing this for the first time, it is highly recommended to do it under the guidance of a fitness instructor who knows how to guide and protect you from any form of muscle injury. Barbell squats will place stress on your abs and thighs and progressive increase in the weight level can help you get well defined muscles. Similarly, doing a dumbbell snatch also should be done under a fitness training instructor.

All strength training movements should be done fluidly. This is vital to prevent muscle pulls and tears.

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