How to Perform Lower Ab Workouts to Get Ripped Abs

Having a flat and visually appealing abs is like are burning desires that never get extinguished as the need of good health as well as looks continue. However, achieving this goal is not a child’s play, as there are many ab muscles that you must concentrate on, while exercising. One of them is the group of lower ab muscles. Locating and performing an ideal lower ab workout is certainly not easy.

Lower ab exercises usually include lifting your legs to put pressure on the lower ab muscles, which is actually the most effective task, provided you perform it in a proper way. Otherwise, with such movements, the chances of hip pain and lower back pain are always high. However, you must know that targeting the lower abs will not give you the bliss of fat loss in that area. In fact, you will have to lose fat from all over the body to shed fat in your lower abs area. So, to lose more fat performing only the best lower ab exercise regularly will not suffice, as you will need to combine it with strength training, interval training, and a good diet.

The six-pack abs of your dream is achievable if you focus more on the lower abs to make them tight and toned. Because the lower ab area is the most difficult to target, people get more attracted to the ‘easy wrongdoings’ instead of ‘hard but right methods’. So, here are some tips to perform the lower ab workouts in the right way for achieving the goal of ripped abs.

Exercises Must Be Performed in Slow Motion and with Control

You must know that training your abs is not same as training the muscles of other areas. So, you can take a little rest in between, and you must exercise slowly with good control. Performing any workout in hurry or swiftly just takes you far from what the experts suggest. Any lower ab exercise performed in a hurry reduces the overall effectiveness; engages other muscles that should not be targeted thereby lowering the control over muscles as well as triggers back pain.

Workout in Alignment with the Functioning of Lower Abs

Did you know that the lower abs muscles are stabilizers? Well, this means that to make you stand or sit straight or at any angle, they give an active support with low force for a lengthy duration. Keeping this behavior in mind, it is vital that the low ab exercises must also train them in the same manner. This means that a low number of exact repetitions of an exercise must be followed by more reps of the same exercise or practicing another exercise that is easier when you want to step further by choosing a harder workout.

Quality Needs to Win Over Quantity

For lower abs, the thumb rule is that the more controlled and slower the exercise is; the more effective and fast will be the results. So, it is immaterial whether you perform 100 repetitions of the most difficult exercise. However, what matters is targeting the right muscles and impeding other muscles that make the exercise easier.

Keep Breathing

It is vitally important to breathe while exercising, especially you must inhale while stretching and relaxing the muscles and exhale while contracting or crunching them.

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