Top 10 Most Effective Ab Exercises

People wonder whether it is really necessary to do ab exercises. Ab exercises are very important to make a person look defined. If a person doesn’t indulge in ab exercises, it makes him look big and bulky and spoils his personality. Information on a number of ab exercises is available in the newspaper, magazines, e-books, internet etc. One can derive great benefits by effectively performing ab exercises.

Bicycle Crunch

This is one of the best and effective ab exercises. You should lie down on the mat or floor and move both your legs, as if you are pedaling a cycle. You need to support your head by lacing your hands behind your head. During the pedaling action, contract your abs.

Long Arm Crunch

This is a traditional exercise. You need to lie down on the floor to do this exercise. Straighten your hands above your head. Bend the knees at 45 degrees angle. Raise the shoulder along with the hands and squeeze the abs in. Hold till you can without any stress and resume back to the starting position.

Vertical Leg Crunch

This exercise is similar to the previous exercise except that you need to lift your legs and keep them steady while you carry out the workout. Your knees can be slightly bent while doing the exercise.

Exercise Ball

Exercise ball is a great way to do ab workout. Balance and support your body on the exercise ball such that the ball is under your back. Put your hands behind your head to give it a good support. Contract your body inward by squeezing in the abs. Release and resume to the starting position till you can hold the abs. Make sure that you don’t fall off the ball while doing the workout. Exercising on a ball is very effective as it targets even the tiny muscles in the abdomen.


Plank exercise is very beneficial for the abs. Sleep on the floor by keeping your arms and toes on the floor. Slowly lift the body weight by supporting your entire body using the arms. Tuck the abs in. The whole body must be in a straight line. Hold for few minutes and repeat the desired number of times.

Hanging Knee Raise

You need a bar to perform this exercise. Hold the bar with your hands and hang on it. Bring the knees close to the chest while squeezing in the abs. Hold for few seconds and bring the legs down to the starting position.

Ab Roller

People would have seen this exercise equipment in the gym. Exercising in this equipment is similar to that of crunches except that it is useful for people who feel strain in their neck while doing crunches. You need to squeeze in the abs while doing the crunches in the ab equipment.

Weak abs signifies bad health. One should workout to improve the overall fitness of the body. Ab workouts are necessary not only to lose belly fat but to have a stunning figure and good health. When you start seeing results, you would love working out on your abs.

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